Thursday, 28 August 2014

Getting in Touch With Life

The last couple days have been amazing! I have gotten in touch with a bunch of stuff and I love it!!
First off, I have been finding more family and learning more about my heritage. I knew that my dad's side of the family is from England and are a part of the Romany Gypsies. However, more recently I have been actually able to get a hold of cousins and other relatives (mostly cousins). I just think it is super exciting and neat! But because of my BPD I do get intense emotions so I have to do my best when I meet these people to not come off as needy and intense! I know these people are fairly non judgemental (mostly because of the discrimination they face themselves) but it is something I do need to practice control. So far they have been great! Love it!

I have also been getting in touch with nature and trying to set up a regular hiking date with someone. This would be great for me since working out has become more difficult because my knee has been getting worse. I can't do lunges and even squats are getting difficult. So I need to take it easy on the knees. So I decided to go a different route on being healthy. Plus nature has been proven to reduce stress and depression! It is a good idea for those who are easily stressed, anxious and/or depressed to spend some time out in nature. Even if you are alone it is a good way to practice meditation and being in the now. Do your best, find social groups on Facebook that are dedicated to hiking or outdoor activities. My next step is to do rock climbing. Lets stay fit! 

Sorry today is short, I wrote another blog on travelling ( just started it about my Edmonton Trip in April. I was pretty excited about it. I figured if I am going to do hiking and travelling I might as well document it and speak about how it has affected me. This one was just generic, but I will try to post tomorrow my hike through Albion Falls Trail and talk about how it has worked for me and my mental health. Sorry again! Please be patient! Much love, stay healthy, and do your best to be happy and safe. Love you all!! xx

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