Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Music and Our Health

...music therapy?

This was something that myself and a patient family member were talking about (I work in a hospital). Her father has had some brain trauma (not sure the reasoning behind it), but he can't speak well, he can't write and he can't move well on his own. When he listens to music though can shake his foot and sing along (not too well, because his motor skills are still rough, but better than when he speaks). This just goes to show how music can really affect us in a different way. 

Music therapy isn't a big thing here in Canada, but I have heard it is pretty big in the United States. I think music can help not only those with severe brain injuries, but those with mental health issues as well. It can validate our emotions, it helps with connecting us to other human beings and helps make us feel accepted. That can calm our anxieties, lower our depression, take our mind off of our stresses and relieve anger. It makes us realize that we are not alone with how we feel and that we are all connected in the same way with how we are on the inside. 

Find something you connect to; whether it is metal music, country, blues, rap, hip hop, whatever. There are many genres of music because there are many different types of people, emotions and situations that we are faced with in life. Music is great. It reaches a part of us that is sometimes hard to connect with in a peaceful and effective way. Take some time to discover what is going on in your head and go from there! Again, stay happy and healthy!! xx

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